October 17, 2003

To Kristen with Gratitude

"You're funny. You should hang out with us at lunch."

Thus it all began.

Thanks from a huge white whale, Kristen. Happy Birthday.

Posted by djsmall at October 17, 2003 11:48 AM

Thanks! You know our ten year anniversary is next year, right? I believe this is the "tin foil" anniversary, so start saving your euros. Do they use euros in Greece?

Posted by: didofoot at October 17, 2003 06:23 PM

Yes, Greece uses euros. When Jack and I lived in Sweden, we used to use the term Euro as a slur against Europeans. Like the N-word for blacks, you know? We were raised to loathe the European Union, and when we were around church people we would frequently hear that the European Union is the precursor to the Beast of the Apocalypse. I remember the two of us roaring with laughter when we found out that the E.U. was going to call their common currency the Euro, as if it somehow proved that the Antichrist was in control of things. Does Jack remember any of this? Am I making this up? Why am I writing this? And yes, I did go in and capitalize your comment. Is the shift key really so very far away? Snobbery is the only way to be, says me. I leave for Euboia tomorrow morning, so shan't be haunting the World Wide Web nearly so often as I have been these past two weeks. The way I see it, if you're not being paid to surf the Web, then why bother?

Posted by: djsmall at October 17, 2003 09:31 PM


Posted by: didofoot at October 17, 2003 10:55 PM

where the hell is Euboia?

Posted by: dr v at October 21, 2003 02:29 AM

Euboia is the second-largest island in Greece, second to Crete. It is long and thin, and runs north-south beside the east coast of Attica. Who wants to know?

Posted by: djsmall at October 21, 2003 06:46 PM

Norm MacDon - I mean, Aaron.

Posted by: robyn at October 22, 2003 02:07 AM